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Marketplace Rules - Buy/Sell

Buy & Sell items.
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Marketplace Rules - Buy/Sell

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Most important Market Rules:

- Don't sell items/char/gb for $ on our forum, discord, facebook groups & in-game.
- Shouting in-game or using forums for $ sales is forbidden.
Penalty 1: 24 hours mute or permanent ban (depends on GM).
Penalty 2: Permanent ban.
- We dont support real money transcations, you are doing it on your own risk. If you sold any item and buyer did chargeback don't ask us for help.
- Selling items for real money is enable only on public forums like ko-cuce, games4life etc...
- We are not helping with scam issues. Make sure that you have hard ID & PW. Use different informations than on other servers and never share it with anyone. Remember to use Seal system.

- Prime-MYKO Staff
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