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Game & Forum Rules!

You are expected to have read and understood the rules and guidelines and behave accordingly.
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Game & Forum Rules!

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Prime-MYKO Game Rules:

"Penalty" - Admins has several options, chooses what punishment you will get depending on the situation, each case is considered in person. Remember you can get a permanent ban without penalty points, it depends on the GM.

1. Donations chargeback is forbidden.
Penalty: Associated accounts permanent ban + IP ban + PC block.

2. Advertising other games is forbidden.
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

3. Swearing/Insulting other players' religion/family is forbidden.
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

4. Speed glitching is forbidden.
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

5. Wall glitching is forbidden (including Lunar War).
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

6. 3rd Party Tools are forbidden.
Penalty: Accounts block + IP ban + PC block.

7. Bug Abusing.
Juraid town-wall descent & CSW etc:
1. Warn 2. NP Reduce or 24-48h ban 3. Permemnt ban.

8. Staying AFK in FT, BDW, JM event zones is forbidden.
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

9. NP Transfer is forbidden. War/Invasion/Event death logs are checked from our staff regularly. CZ deaths considered as NP transfer should be reported from the players.
Penalty: 5000 NP reduction on killer + permanent ban on slain character

10. PMs regarding "wrong scroll use uppon upgrade", "out-of-PUS item sales for real cash" are forbidden and will be ignored. Continuous demand will lead you muted or banned.
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

11. Trading other members is allowed.
It's part of the game. Make sure to block your trade (H -> Trade -> Block_Trade Requests) whenever you don't need it.

12. KS is allowed.
Whining about KS is childish. There are always extra spots to hunt what you're looking for.

13. When you merchant items, make sure that your current inventory coins and the price of the merchant items do not exceed the total coins limit of 2,100,000,000 coins. Otherwise, your merchant items will be sold and you won't be getting any coins. If this happens, we will not be able to help you so always make sure that you do not exceed the limit.

14. Shouting & PM in-game or using forums for $ sales is forbidden.
Penalty: Warn, 24 hours mute, 24 hours ban + Black List or Permanent ban

15. We dont support real money transcations, you are doing it on your own risk.

16. Selling items for real money is enable only on public forums like ko-cuce, games4life etc...

17. We are not helping with scam issues. Make sure that you have hard ID & PW. Use different informations than on other servers and never share it with anyone.

18. We are not helping with scam issues in-game like trade or party drop. We don't support any trades or drops. It's your responsibility who are you in a party/trade with and do you trust him or not.

19. We dont support any NPC selling items restore. There is no logs about that so we cant help you

20. If you deleted item by mistake and it's important for you we can check logs and restore you item (only important items)

21. We are not restore any mistake upgrades, we are restore items if you use wrong scroll on anvil by checking logs

22. Everyone who know AccountID/SecretPW & adress e-Mail can restore/change Password/e-Mail/SecretPW

23. TIP: If you buy account contact us to change your e-Mail & SecretID so you'll avoid scam issues :)

Also keep in mind that some of the rules can be changed at anytime we think that it's necessary to be changed.


Play fair and respect the other players. You're here to have some fun.
If you're here to cause troubles then you're not welcome.

Prime-MYKO Forum Rules:

Welcome to the Prime-MYKO Community Forums!

Here you can talk to other players, discuss strategies and tips, and talk directly to developers.

We look forward to your participation and want you to enjoy your time here whether you choose to simply read or actively post. To keep these forums fun for everyone we strive to maintain mature, constructive conversations and ask you to help us do the same.

These boards are solely for the discussion of Prime-MYKO and your experiences while playing.

Below you will find a list of Rules and Guidelines, please keep them in mind whenever creating or responding to messages. Note that violating these rules can result in your suspension or permanent removal from these forums and serious or repeated infractions can result in the termination of your game account. This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to modify or remove any forum content at our discretion; be aware that areas with in these forums may have additional rules specific to the conversation there.

We hope that everyone can enjoy their stay here in a clean, constructive environment. You can help us by reporting any posts that you feel violate these rules.

Rules & Guidelines:

1. Personal attacks, vulgarity and other forms of abuse are not tolerated.
We expect all users to respect each other and each person's opinions. No one has the right to attack an individual,group, or idea. Failure to follow this simple rule is the fastest way to lose the ability to post. Below is a list of behaviors that are restricted:

* Don't be a Troll:
Deliberately posting non-constructive, inappropriate, or inflammatory comments in order to solicit a response or cause discord is not allowed, in addition calling other users "Troll" or other words to describe this behavior is also prohibited.

* No Flame Throwers allowed:
Don't make it your objective to insult, disrespect or otherwise berate a post or user.

* T for Teen:
Prime-MYKO is a Teen rated game, language and post content is expected to follow these guidelines and keep discussion "PG-13". Don't abuse any language filters or post anything you wouldn't want a parent to see.

* Moderator, you are not:
We encourage everyone to report posts they feel violate these rules, however, do not take it upon yourself to inform players when you do so. Saying "Reported" and other such behaviors is tolerated just as much as the behavior you're reporting, that is to say, not at all.

* R-E-S-P-E-C-T:
Under no circumstance is a threat or personal attack against a member of the Prime-MYKO team, another player, or anyone tolerated.

All posts must be constructive.
We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their opinions here and it's expected that not everyone will agree. Regardless if a post is critical of the game no feedback or post is truly negative so long as it's written constructively.

Here are a few guidelines:

* Don't Rant:
We understand that sometimes players can get frustrated or upset with events in game or the game itself. Before posting please take some time to calm down and collect your thoughts. Describe what it is that bothers you and remember that personal attacks, flaming, and trolling aren't allowed. These forums are not a soapbox.

* We (don't) Know Drama:
These forums are not a place to practice Shakespeare. Whether there are issues with your guild or alliance, another player, or a certain mechanic we still expect you to post with respect for the rules.

Lastly, when replying to threads please expand on the discussion. Quoting an entire post and saying QFT or posting "First!" and other +1 kind of statements makes it more difficult for developers and players to read feedback and remain active in the post.

Be descriptive and concise
No one wants to read a meandering novel. Be clear and to the point posting only the information that is necessary to do so.

Impersonating users and staff is prohibited in every circumstance.
You just don't do it, not even as a joke. This behaviour can cause confusion and misunderstandings that don't help anyone, we take these violations very seriously and they can result in an immediate permanent ban from the forums or game without a warning.

Do not post personal information.
Safety first! Be careful when telling others personal details about yourself and never share information such as account name, address, instant messenger contacts, or even emails on an open forum. Feel free to use Private Messages in order to have these kinds of conversations.

Message titles written to direct developer attention will be ignored.
The subject says it all. Message titles should be written for the general forum audience, threads that start with "DEV PLEASE REPLY" or similar will be ignored or have their subject changed.

Off-topic, non Prime-MYKO related posts are not allowed.
With the exception of the off-topic forum category, discussions that are not related to gameplay, mechanics, or experiences in game or development are off limits. Posting about political, religious, or other current events/social topics that often create controversy is always strictly prohibited; however, mature discussion about recent games or movies or simply fun threads to get to know your server mates is acceptable (though we ask it be kept at a minimum.)

Discussion or participation in illegal or illicit acts is strictly prohibited.
You are expected to act lawfully when participating on the forums. Posting about or discussing issues such as illegally downloading copyright protected media (software, music, etc.); drugs;and other behaviors that violate US and international laws is not allowed under any circumstance.

Do not post about exploits or "hacks".
Exploits and hacks, or any behavior that gives a player an unfair advantage, are strictly prohibited. As a reminder using an exploit to your advantage may result in disciplinary action against your account.

Departure threads
Sometimes players can't play any longer for a variety of reasons. While we wish all players could continue to enjoy Prime-MYKO from month to month we understand your decisions. With that said we ask you please do not make departure threads announcing your leaving Prime-MYKO. While many of these posts often start civil they quickly turn into heated debates and even full on arguments. For the civility and constructiveness of the forums we ask you please keep your goodbyes to private messaging or in-game and wish you the best of luck in whatever life sends your way.

Do not "Cross Post" or "Spam".
Do not post the same thread or reply multiple times, once is enough. Attempting to get developer or player attention using this method may lead to a suspension or ban without warning. Nobody likes spam.

Advertisements are Prohibited
Soliciting, be it for a product or looking to sell/buy accounts, characters, or items for real world currency is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action.

Guidelines for posting images and links:
Whenever linking to a website or image be sure to check that they don't violate any of the rules above. Sites or images that display illegal content, pornography, gratuitous violence, obscenities and any other content that goes against the standards of this community will be moderated. Please keep this in mind at all times. In addition to the above we also request you not post ASCII art (pictures created by using letters and symbols on a keyboard) they are usually quite large and can be misinterpreted based on display issues.

Use Common Sense.
At the end of the day none of these rules and guidelines should come as a surprise. When posting always use your head and better judgement; avoid posting when you're heated or angry. Taking time to clearly post your thoughts will more often than not avoid the need for moderation.

We encourage you to post constructive criticism and challenge our ideas; criticism can often lead to great progressive discussions with creativity and constructive commentary. The key word here, however, is constructive. Respecting your fellow players, their ideas, and the developers here at Prime-MYKO is the first step to a great community. While issues will inevitably come up we hope you can work with us to keep the community great and filled with active, fun, and engaging conversations.

- Prime-MYKO Staff
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