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Scroll of Freedom (Boosted Trina) +6 / +7 / +8 Upgrade Scroll

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Scroll of Freedom (Boosted Trina) +6 / +7 / +8 Upgrade Scroll

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Scroll of Freedom

- At beginning this scroll can drop only from all (Chaos Stone) Bosses 1% drop rate.
Later might be added to all rest bosses & power up store.

- List of bosses drop krowaz weapon chest, soul of enemy & scroll of freedom: Duke, Bach, Bishop, Lesath, Shaula, Samma, Javana, Barrkk, Barkirra, Lobo, Lupus, Lycaon, OBL, OBO, Bone Collector, Attila, Acer, Antares, Hyde, Kekurikekukaka, [Beginner] 2nd Necklace, Master Quest, Trinex, Personal Quest, Dante, 000000, F9Devil, Eslant Guard, Deruvish Founder, Dragon Tooth, Snake Queen, Talos, Troll King, Harpy Queen, Baby Felankor, Ultima, Isiloon, Mini Felankor, Ultima, Isiloon & all Chaos Bosses

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